Quahog, Rhode Island
Type Town
Owner Griffin Peterson

Quahog is a small town located inside Rhode Island, and it's home to Family Guy's memorable characters.  The Griffin familythe Brown family (moved), the Swanson family, and Glenn Quagmire live on Spooner Street, with the Griffin family residing at 31 Spooner Street. The ZIP code, as revealed in FOX-y Lady, is 00093.


Quahog was founded by Griffin Peterson, who had been exiled to America by King Stewart III. The king later gave Peterson control over Quahog after Peterson beat him in a talent show. A myth was later created that said that Quahog was founded by Miles "Chatterbox" Musket with the assistance of a magical talking clam.

In a universe visited in "Road to the Multiverse", Quahog is seen as part of the Japanese states of America. It is a result of the United States never dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. This universe's Griffin family loses Meg to seppuku, via Peter's request, soon after canon Brian and [[Stewie Griffin|Stewie]land in the universe.

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